Bussiness Concept

Indorajawali use the new bussiness concept to run the company. Non linier bussiness is the new concept of bussiness. Through the non linier bussiness, we run our bussiness with modern technology suport to get global network and right target accurately.

Non Linier

Non liner bussiness is a concept to run bussiness with sharing management. We share with people and company who have capability, potention, project, resources, finance and market. Thise is the way to suport each other to rich the target together.


Modern bussiness possible to access information and data realtime and accurate. Technology make everything posible. Communication can do around the world with chip and efficience bugged. Logistic suport make everything can deliver around the world. Technology make we can do project from distance. Remote technology can access and deliver part of work to build and control project around the world.


We connecting people and company around the world. Multidimentional and prespectife suport such as: capability, potention, project, resources, finance and market is in here. This is the gate way to look the world and geting participate big project around the world.