About Us

Indorajawali Utama Karya is a Holding Company. We have many corporate, project, resources, capability and suport. We change our bussiness from linier to non liner bussiness concept, from traditional to modern bisnis concept, from local to global bussiness. We share our bussiness to people and corporate who need information and global network. We connecting people and corporate around the world. We reach goals together with all bussiness stackeholder in the world. We want ta be your part of your bussiness and needs. We are the gateway to rich your dream come trough.


To be the first and the best non linier, modern and global bussiness gateway in the world through Indonesia resources and market.


Our Mission is:
1. Grabing database of project, resources and bussiness oportunity around the world.
2. Develope the best Human resourches
3. Develope network infrastructure
4. Controlling goverment regulation


Connecting bussiness stacke holder to reach dreams together.